“Where there is confusion, I am here to guide you to your true path. Where there is suffering, I am here to hold you on my great lap and ease the pain. Where there is uncertainty, I am here to reassure you that everything is happening in Divine timing. Where there is sickness, I am here to heal you. Where there is trauma, I am here to restore peace. Where there is cause for celebration, I am your cosmic cheerleader. I am your essence, your soul, your dearest Beloved, always here, always ignited, just longing to walk you back home.”

The one you’ve been waiting for,
Your Inner Pilot Light

Dearest Beloved, 

I sang outside your window, serenading you with songs of love. But you weren’t listening. I came to you in dreams, whispered sweet nothings in your ear, and granted you visions of what was possible, but you dismissed my voice when you woke up. I showed up as thoughts in your head, affirming that you are beautiful, whole, and cherished, but you let your sweet, scared inner critic write me off. I planted passages from books, blog posts, keynote speeches, bumper stickers, and messages through other people in front of you, hoping you’d hear my voice. But you credited my gushing words of love to the writers, lecturers, car bumpers, and intuitive humans, missing altogether that I was using them to get through to you. 

So today I kneel here before you, beseeching you to finally pay attention to my words. Will you be mine? 

With roses, chocolate, and love letters,


Other Resources 


If you’ve been yearning for more connection to your Inner Pilot Light but you feel stuck, this robust, nuts-and-bolts, completely practical online audio & video program is chock full of easy-to-apply tools and practices to help you connect to your divine essence. You don’t have to meditate for 30 years to tune in, and you don’t have to wait for guidance. These playful, fun, miracle-inspiring practices will help you proactively receive the guidance you’ll need to start to live an Inner Pilot Light-led life.


Teaching others about the numinous, mystical union I experience with my own Inner Pilot Light can be tricky to communicate with others. Yet after 30 years of interviewing spiritual teachers, Sounds True founder Tami Simon is an absolute genius at teasing out the subtleties without oversimplifying or tolerating exaggerated claims, and I feel so grateful that she worked her magic to help me bring out the Inner Pilot Light insights, inspirational stories, powerful practices, and guided meditations to help each of us access, ground, discern, and interpret our own Inner Pilot Light. This audio program differs from Connect To Your Inner Pilot Light in that it’s less of a “how to” manual, it’s audio only, and it focuses on the foundational spiritual teachings of the imminent aspects of God/Goddess inside of us.


A safe, brave membership community of creativity, connection and healing with New York Times Bestselling Author Lissa Rankin.

  • In ongoing, twice monthly two-hour mini-workshops, Lissa facilitates group healing, creative process, writing, meditation, spiritual practice, and breakout groups (with your muse as your guide). 
  • NO EXPERIENCE REQUIRED! ALL LEVELS WELCOME! Come as you are, ready to calm your inner perfectionist and play with the soulful magic of your muse and a desire for deeper healing.
  • ​Join a safe, loving community of people who’ve got your back and will celebrate your creativity, healing process, vulnerability and strength through uncertain times.

About The Daily Flame: 365 Love Letters from Your Inner Pilot Light 

Receive messages of love, wisdom, and encouragement with a 365-day reader from New York Times bestselling author, physician, and mystic Dr. Lissa Rankin.

If your deepest, most divine self had a message for you, what would it be? In The Daily Flame, Dr. Lissa Rankin presents 365 love letters from your Inner Pilot Light—the guiding voice of your innermost truth. As Lissa explains:

“This book is intended to support the kind of intimacy, comfort, nourishment, and grace that happens when you make contact with the Source of all love that fuels your very existence. Regardless of your spiritual orientation, consider this book a prayer of sorts, one that invites you to gently, quietly reunite with the purest, most loving core of your being, the part that will help you navigate the in-between space in your spiritual life.

Lissa first encountered her own Inner Pilot Light in 2005 when, during an especially dark time in her personal life, a voice of pure, unconditional love came to offer support and guidance. Over time, Lissa began receiving and writing down daily messages of encouragement and empowerment from this voice. With The Daily Flame, Lissa shares 365 brand new love letters from the Inner Pilot Light. Tender and universal, these messages help readers connect with the voice of their own deepest truth.

Each new message from your Inner Pilot Light will bring you inspiration and encouragement for the day ahead. The letters cover a wide range of themes, from abundance and health, to following your dreams, to finding your tribe, and persevering through challenges. Some readings offer actionable practices, invitations, and reflection questions, while others offer deep wisdom and spiritual insights. Be ready to be surprised! One day, you might get the scalpel of raw truth, cutting away all that is not love, and the next day you’ll get a gushing, unbridled love letter.

As you read each day, you’ll learn to embrace your own authentic knowing and trust the voice of your divine self. Enter the mysterious landscape of the soul and let your light shine bright with The Daily Flame. As Lissa writes, “If you need love, comfort, awareness, or a cosmic kick in the booty, let your Inner Pilot Light illuminate you. This great love affair is just beginning.”

Praise for The Daily Flame: 365 Love Letters from Your Inner Pilot Light


“What if, amidst the confusion and despondence of our daily lives, our true Self could reveal itself? In this inspiring work, that Inner Pilot Light does speak to us and guide us, manifesting its inexhaustible strength, loving patience, and deep wisdom.”

GABOR MATE, MD, author of When the Body Says No: Exploring the Stress-Disease Connection

“Pick up this book whenever you doubt that the flame of light and love burns eternally within you. You’ll find short, ecstatic messages that will caress you with love and inspire you to transcend any temporary setbacks and limitations. Lissa Rankin shares how during difficult times in her life journey, she had to surround herself with a ‘faith bubble’ to protect herself from the naysayers—both those in her environment and those in her mind. This book is your daily bubble to keep your faith intact. Equal parts wisdom, laughter, and passion, it will attune you to your own guidance while opening the gates through which synchronicity, awe, and gratitude can flood your life.”

DAWSON CHURCH, PHD—author of Mind to Matter: The Astonishing Science of How Your Brain Creates Material Reality

“Ah, these love letters from the soul! Imagine being exquisitely courted by your own inner flame for an entire year. The Daily Flame offers 365 days of inspiration, coaching, and lyrical prose to gently guide you back to merging with your wise, intuitive inner Divine fire.”

HEATHER ASH ARAMA—author of Awaken Your Inner Fire and Warrior Goddess Training

“Wow, what an amazing book! I view it as my guide to reconnect with what is real, honest, and most needed (and often most neglected)—that deep, loving part of myself who is courageous, loving, and fierce. If you are feeling lost, overwhelmed, or self-critical, The Daily Flame will give you the tools to breathe, relax, and fall back in love with yourself and your life.”

JJ VIRGIN, CNS, CHFS—four-time New York Times bestselling author of The Virgin Diet and JJ Virgin’s Sugar Impact Diet

“Lissa has a witty and emotionally observant writing style that is absolutely unique. Dive in and enjoy her heartfelt messages!” 

TOSHA SILVER, Author of Outrageous Openness and Change Me Prayers

“Lissa’s book reveals the potential we all have when we quiet our minds and do not extinguish our pilot light. I hear voices and have met their source, my inner light or guide, his name is George and he is a Rabbi who has been seen standing beside me as i speak and lecture. If you want to light your way and find your path learn from Lissa’s experience and inner wisdom.”

BERNIE SIEGEL, MD—author of 365 Prescriptions For The Soul and A Book of Miracles

“If you’re wondering how to start following your intuition, Lissa’s incredible new book will be your guiding hand, reminding you every day how to tune in to your instincts and reconnect to your purpose and joy.”

KELLY TURNER, PHD—New York Times bestselling author of “Radical Remission

“As you read from this beautifully written book, each day you will be inspired and transformed. These are love letters from your essential, undamaged goodness to the burdened parts of you that struggle in their myriad ways to keep you safe, or that have been hurt. These letters become daily reminders of who you really are and how much love and compassion is in you and flows through you.”

RICHARD SCHWARTZ, PHD—author and founder of Internal Family Systems (IFS)

The Daily Flame features user-friendly love letters from our core Divinity—our Inner Pilot Light—to our everyday selves. The tone is warm, affectionately down-to-earth, and often playful, again and again inviting us to deepen our access to the heartland of our Divinity no matter what our condition may be. Each love letter is compassionately presented and offers us a support that we may have assumed was just not there. Considering them can be a breeze, a light-hearted dance, and it also can be a challenge. Sometimes what’s offered is a tasty hors d’oeuvre—other times a substantial meal, something to really bite into—but at all times there’s a sense of a feast close at hand.”

ROBERT AUGUSTUS MASTERS, PHD—author of Spiritual Bypassing, Transformation through Intimacy, and Bringing Your Shadow Out of the Dark