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Here’s a sample of the type of message you’ll receive:


It’s time for an unabashed love letter.  

I adore you so much I want to pinch your cheeks and kiss them while wearing bright red lipstick so you can see all the evidence.  

You’re so sweet I want to eat you like a cupcake and leave the crumbs, sticky and stuck in the corners of my mouth.  

You smell so good I want to bottle you into perfume so I can dab you behind my ears and think of you whenever the wind wafts you my way.  

You feel so soft and warm I want to snuggle you like cashmere.  

Your voice sounds so precious to me it’s like an angel song, lilting from the heavens.  

And when I look at you, my eyes soften, my mouth turns up, and I’m awash in the beauty of all that I behold in you.  

I love you so much that I just know in my heart how precious you are, how special you are, how exceptional you are, and at the same time, how we are all this special, as drops of divinity dribbled into human forms.  

I never, ever forget how wonderful you are, but I know sometimes you do.  

So bear with me from time to time when I gush because you aren’t remembering to see yourself the way I see you.  

With magical eyes,

Your Inner Pilot Light

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The Daily Flame makes me cry a little every day – it helps me to see what I cannot see, hear what I will not hear, and feel what I am afraid to feel…

At this point, the words tingle around my body and my mind, swirling and dancing, tugging and swaying, opening me gently and pushing me sweetly. I hope that I can soon learn to act in tandem, symbiotically, harmoniously and beautifully with my Inner Pilot Light, taking a step further than tiptoeing across the words and leaping into courage, faith, love and wholeness.

Thank you for helping me to find myself deep inside.” ~Candice

I’m not sure I’ve ever thought of words, as breathtaking – but there it is.

In the short time I been reading your ‘bon mots’, I have gone from ‘Silence’ to “Huh?” to “Eew!” to “Oh – Please – Really!” to “Uhm” to “Hmm? to “Ah, Mmm” to “Oh? to “Oh.”

And I came to this – there is nothing to say, for that calls for a decision, a choice, a ‘Yay’ or ‘Nay’, a critique – and that, is not this. I now understand that my experience of your words is a lived moment, and the only way to understand it, is to own it – for the experience of those words, is mine! Go figure.

And that is a – dare I say – is a powerful, magical, moment to be in.

C’est Tout! Your words give me ‘pulchritudinous joy!’ and that, is a lovely thing. ~David

Your Daily Flame newsletter has really unearthed my Inner Pilot Light and I’m grateful I signed up for it! Thank you for making me smile BIG everyday and for the constant reminder to live Mindfully!” ~Lynsey from South Africa

My dear . . . You have no idea how your message is always spot on! It’s as if you had a video camera on my life. I’m starting a small biz… on my own. I live alone. I’ve jumped in the deepEST end of the pool. And you help me. This Daily Flame message has become precious. ~Yvette