Connect To Your Inner Pilot Light

With Lissa Rankin, MD

An online program of practical, easy-to-apply tools to help
you plug into your Divine essence so you can:

  • Make aligned decisions
  • Receive spiritual guidance
  • Tune into your intuition
  • Open your heart
  • Comfort you when you’re lonely
  • Heal you when you’re sick
  • Restore peace when you’ve been traumatized
  • Inspire your creativity
  • Find & fulfill your calling
  • Help you call in great love
  • Help you call in great love
  • Make you recognizable to your Soul Tribe
  • Position you energetically to attract abundance
  • Deepen you spiritually
  • Activate your erotic intelligence
  • Kick you in the patooty when you get off track
  • Allow you to become a sacred activist & peace-maker in a world that needs your love desperately
  • Experience more magic, mysticism, and synchronicity in your life

If you’re familiar with Lissa Rankin’s teachings via her books, her TEDx talks, her blog, The Daily Flame, or her PBS programs, you know that connecting to the essence of the Divine within you, which she calls “Your Inner Pilot Light,” is the fundamental foundation upon which all of her other teachings build. Lissa tends to sound like a broken record when people ask her questions about healing yourself when you’re sick (Mind Over Medicine), dealing with fear and anxiety (The Fear Cure), finding and fulfilling your calling (The Anatomy of a Calling), letting your relationships be your guru (Relationships On The Spiritual Path), or deepening your spiritual journey (The Daily Flame).

The answer to most questions is usually the same . . .

What’s the quickest, most effective way to heal yourself if you’re sick, deepen intimacy with the Divine, and download the instructions necessary to find and fulfill your true calling?
Connect To Your Inner Pilot Light

How can you call in your beloved or transform your existing love life into an intimate connection with the Divine in the form of another human?
Connect To Your Inner Pilot Light

If you’re lonely and seeking the support of like-minded others, what’s the secret to attracting your Soul Tribe?
Connect To Your Inner Pilot Light

If you’re creatively blocked and yearning to break free into your true expression, what’s the magic solution for unblocking the muse?
Connect To Your Inner Pilot Light

If life’s traumas have blocked your heart and interfered with the open flow of life force that is your birthright, how you can heal these traumas?Connect To Your Inner Pilot Light

Sure, but HOW?

Because there are so many spiritual traditions devoted to helping people connect to the soul that flames within us all, Lissa has always assumed that everyone has their own way of deepening this connection and has been reluctant to be specific about the “how’s.” Yet over the past decade, the most common question people who resonate with Lissa’s teachings ask her is “How?” Those of you in Lissa’s audience tend to be the proverbial choir. You’re not resistant to the idea that there’s a God/Goddess within us all, and you’re excited to become more intimate with this loving, compassionate, wise Self inside!

You’re on board to do whatever it takes to tap into your Inner Pilot Light, you’re open to receiving Divine guidance, you’re willing to devote yourself to practicing this often counter-cultural Inner Pilot Light-led way of life, and you’re committed to being obedient to whatever comes through, but you feel like you’re not getting the guidance other people seem to get. That longing for connection is calling you like a lover. That which you seek is desperately seeking you too.

Maybe you feel the draw to living an Inner Pilot Light-led life, but the guidance seems sporadic, unpredictable, unreliable- or maybe you can’t sense it at all and you wonder whether your Inner Pilot Light fizzled out. (It didn’t. I promise.) Maybe you’re already getting very clear guidance, but you’re curious whether there are tools and practices you haven’t implemented, which could ramp up your connection, helping you upgrade from a slow, intermittent dial up connection to a high speed cable modem!

Wherever you are in your journey, Connect To Your Inner Pilot Light may be just what the doctor ordered to help you make the fundamental shift from a life led by your fears, your grasping, your resistance, your armor, and your need to control life to a life of trust, ease, peace, magic, and more love (inside and out) than you can possibly imagine.

This is not your parent’s church, temple, or mosque here!

Although Connect To Your Inner Pilot Light is definitely a mystical, spiritually-focused online program, this is not about religious dogma. Connect To Your Inner Pilot Light gives you the “how to” tools from many spiritual traditions. Tools Lissa has learned from mystics, shamans, spiritual teachers, religious leaders, priestesses, and intuitives all over the world, people who have devoted their whole lives to learning to follow their soul’s compass.

This collection of comprehensive, cross-cultural tools is most likely different than the majority of spiritual practices to which you’ve been exposed. While many of the spiritual practices widely taught and practiced in the world stem from the principles of the Divine Masculine (yoga asana practice, sitting meditation, rule-based dogmatic practices, sexual abstinence, etc), the tools in this program are playful, pragmatic, magical, fun, grounded, embodied, enlivened with the “Shakti” of the Divine Feminine, and guaranteed to evoke a sense of aliveness in you as you merge your consciousness with a living, breathing, awakening world, in which everything can be an oracle, helping you interpret the guidance arising from deep within the center of your being.

What’s Possible When You Connect To Your Inner Pilot Light?

Imagine this . . . 

—You experience unspeakable relief as anxiety, depression, and the need to try to control life eases.

With a practical way to let your Inner Pilot Light take the lead with every unmet longing, unsolved problem, and undecided decision, your mind can finally find something more fun to do than spinning in circles, trying to control your life. (Crossword puzzles maybe?)

-Your health improves naturally as your mind evokes fewer stress responses and your Inner Pilot Light helps your natural self-healing mechanisms come online.

When your mind isn’t so busy looping your past traumas and worrying about the future, your nervous system can relax into the homeostatic parasympathetic system, where natural self-healing is more easily accessible.

—Decisions no longer throw you into a tailspin because you feel clear when your Inner Pilot Light guides the way.

When it comes time to make life’s small or big decisions—health and treatment decisions, relationship decisions, career decisions, decisions about your family—you just know what’s aligned for you and others, and you trust that things go well when you are obedient to the instructions you get from your Inner Pilot Light. You don’t have to endlessly spin pros and cons lists because the inner guidance that arises naturally from your Divine essence shows you what to do.

 —Others who are Inner Pilot Light-led will naturally recognize you, and the quality of your relationships will get a major vibrational upgrade.

When you’re busy spinning stressful thoughts in your mind, others who are consciously or unconsciously sensitive to your busy, anxious mind will turn away without necessarily knowing why, whereas a calm, centered, Divinely attuned heart consciousness is magnetic and likely to attract loving, open-hearted people who can give and receive love in healthy ways.

—Creative projects arise naturally as a kind of “download,” rather than something you “think up.”

When you don’t need to expend all the mental energy trying so hard, creative ideas come as a gift from the muse, rather than something you think you have to earn through effort. The tools in this program can help you open up to these kinds of creative downloads.

 —Your life will feel magical in ways that are likely to leave you feeling awe, wonder, and gratitude.

When synchronicities, anomalous ways of knowing, and seemingly miraculous events begin to seduce you onto the spiritual path, you may even be overwhelmed with how loved you are.

 —You discover an inner peace you didn’t know was possible.

With your Inner Pilot Light calling the shots, your mind no longer needs to grasp in desperation towards getting what you want and avoiding what you don’t want. Instead of doubling down on your willfulness, your hard work, or even your law of attraction practices, you can finally, finally REST. Ahhhhhhhhhh . . . peace, at last.

 —You don’t have to schedule time for your spiritual practices, because life becomes an integrated 24/7 living practice.

You practice your spirituality while you exercise, while you do the dishes, while you sleep, while you care for your loved ones, while you create your art, and while you make love. As the zen saying goes, “Before enlightenment, chop wood, carry water. After enlightenment, chop wood, carry water.” Of course, Lissa is not suggesting that she is enlightened or that you will become so as a result of this program, but this program helps close the gap between spiritual life and everyday human living. Your life becomes your practice, and that feels soooooo good.

Let’s Dream Even Bigger!

Imagine this . . . 

—Everyone on the planet taps into his or her Inner Pilot Light and begins to follow an Inner Pilot Light-led life. Rather than maximizing self interest and taking more than any one human needs, we all become loving, generous, respectful caregivers of all forms of life, in nature and in humanity.

—Inner Pilot Light-led people step into positions of leadership, healing and transforming the corruption in all of our systems—government, health care, education, banking, corporate life, law enforcement, and religion, awakening us to a new age of enlightenment.

—We come together to restore harmony on the planet, bringing balance in nature, ending war, stopping the dehumanization of oppressed people, healing our environment, creating a new culture of love and equality, opening our hearts to plants, animals, and our fellow humans, and creating the utopian vision of a new consciousness that our 1960s predecessors dreamed might one day be possible.

What Does Connect To Your Inner Pilot Light Include?

16 Teaching Module mp3s
6 Guided Practice mp3s
2 mp3’s of Lissa’s narration of (UNPUBLISHED!) chapters from her new book The Daily Flame
2 Music mp3’s
1 Poetry reading mp3
2 Videos of Teaching You To Perform a Shamanic Ritual


Introduction: What is Your Inner Pilot Light?
This first module contextualizes your “Inner Pilot Light” within the framework of other mystical traditions, helping you understand how it relates to other concepts like God, Goddess, intuition, spiritual guidance, the Divine Feminine, and the soul.

How I First Met My Inner Pilot Light
The mystical story of Lissa’s first conscious encounter with her own Inner Pilot Light sets the scene for the rest of this program. Lissa tells the story of how her Inner Pilot Light guided her to quit her job as a doctor when she was pregnant, dependent on seven prescription drugs, and suicidal, as well as how following this guidance fundamentally altered the course of her life. Lissa also maps out the history of The Daily Flame and the evolution of all of her teachings about the Inner Pilot Light, which arose from the guidance of this inner divinity that began using her to serve others.

GUIDED PRACTICE: An Inner Pilot Light Invocation
This prayer from Lissa’s book The Daily Flame, offers the humble supplication, pleading for connection. This prayer is intended to activate a journey of mystical reunion.

The Most Important Change You Must Make To Begin Your Journey
As a fundamental foundation, this module teaches about the one thing without which, you won’t even notice your Inner Pilot Light, even if it’s pulling out all the stops to connect with you.

An Evidence-Based Psychology Model For Contacting Your Inner Pilot Light
Using Richard Schwartz’s Internal Family Systems (IFS) model to work with the Inner Pilot Light as the core essence of “Self,” the IFS model offers practical tools that help your other “parts” relax—without pathologizing or demonizing the “monkey mind” or the “ego”—so your other parts feels safe to let your Inner Pilot Light take the lead.

This experiential meditation helps you become intimate with your multiplicity of “parts” so you can make direct contact with your Inner Pilot Light.

Body Compass Introduction
As a physician, Lissa is particularly interested in the ways your Inner Pilot Light uses the body to communicate with you, often as a last resort, when other forms of communication have failed to get your attention. This Body Compass tool, which Lissa and life coach Martha Beck, PhD first taught together in their Find Your Calling online program, is one of the most sensitive tools for receiving messages from your Inner Pilot Light (and when you master it, you don’t have to get sick or feel pain to use it!).

GUIDED PRACTICE: Body Compass Meditation
This experiential meditation leads you through how to calibrate your own body compass so you can interpret what your Inner Pilot Light is trying to communicate—before your body has to yell at you in order to get across your Inner Pilot Light’s message. Once you master this tool, you’ll have the #1 most practical, convenient, immediate, accessible, efficient tool for accessing spiritual guidance.

The God Box Practice
This essential practice, which is Lissa’s core daily practice, is used by many spiritual teachers and recovery programs to help relax your mind so you can learn how to actually let go and let God/Goddess (or your Inner Pilot Light) help you handle your unmet longings, unsolved problems, and undecided decisions.

GUIDED PRACTICE: The God Box Meditation
This experiential practice is what Lissa considers the most essential practice for opening the portal to receiving guidance in whatever way your unique essence can most clearly interpret your Inner Pilot Light’s instructions.

This section offers tools and practices that are meant to be experimented with from an attitude of playful curiosity and lighthearted adventure. Each tool also includes example of “magic stories” of what can happen when you use this practice.

Let Your Inner Pilot Light Play DJ
Do you often get what feels like spiritual guidance through music? Don’t wait for the radio to offer a synchronicity. Here’s a nuts-and-bolts tool to help you proactively invoke musical guidance from your Inner Pilot Light!

Receive Guidance While You Sleep
Some people’s Inner Pilot Lights are shy and sneaky, and others have minds so busy that they can’t hear their Inner Pilot Lights when they’re awake. If you’re one of those people, your Inner Pilot Light might wait until you fall asleep to communicate with you. Here are some actionable tools to help invoke clear guidance while your conscious mind sleeps.

Imagine if everything you encounter could have spiritual guidance for you. What if you could receive the answer to any question you ask by asking a waterfall, an object on your altar, or a rock you find in the riverbed? This module helps you learn the practical tools needed to seek and interpret oracular wisdom from anything you encounter.

GUIDED PRACTICE: Oracular Meditation
This experiential meditation allows you to choose, in real time, any object or aspect of nature so you can play with trying to receive direct guidance during this guided practice. Think of this meditation as a gym exercise. You’re using a muscle you might never have used before, so use this one over and over if you don’t get guidance the first time. The more you practice, the more you’ll build the neural pathways that help you open the portal to the guidance that it always there for you.

Books As An Oracle
Have you ever had a book fall off the shelf and turn right to a page that has just the wisdom you need in that moment? Don’t wait for the invisible realm to push the book off! Try this proactive practice to activate your own synchronicity.

Are synchronicities just God wanting to remain anonymous? Or is it your Inner Pilot Light? This module helps you contextualize, discern, and interpret synchronicity as a form of spiritual guidance.

Writing Your Own Daily Flame (Automatic Writing)
Don’t stay dependent on Lissa to write your Daily Flame for you! Tune into your own Inner Pilot Light and start practicing letting your own Inner Pilot Light write your Daily Flame!

Get Guidance While You Shower Or Go For Run
Ever wonder why so many people get epiphanies in the shower? If you’re hoping to receive spiritual guidance, but nothing’s working, and you’re feeling stuck, try busying your body with any mundane repetitive activity so your Inner Pilot Light can drop in what it might want you to know.

Make Art With Your Inner Pilot Light
Especially if you’re feeling stuck, your Inner Pilot Light may show up as the muse. If you can get your inner perfectionist to relax, your Inner Pilot Light just might use art projects or creative pursuits to show you just what you need to know.

MUSIC: Il Sogno d’Oro (Olivier Bessaignet)
This music track composed and performed by Lissa’s husband Olivier Bessaignet is intended to inspire your muse/Inner Pilot Light while you make art!

GUIDED PRACTICE: What If Your Inner Pilot Light Had An Iphone?
Use this guided practice to get all your juiciest questions answered. Enjoy playing with this hilarious and often surprisingly effective tool.

VIDEO: A Shamanic Ritual To Open The Portal To Your Inner Pilot Light—Part 1
VIDEO: A Shamanic Ritual To Open The Portal To Your Inner Pilot Light—Part 2

Learn this ritual, which Lissa learned from a Peruvian shaman, to open sacred space, honor nature, and make connection to your Inner Pilot Light more accessible. This video demonstrates this ancient offering practice, intended to connect you with the nature spirits and allow you to offer your devotion, your sincerity, and your sacred reciprocity to any object in nature.

MUSIC: We Shall Lift Each Other Up—Lissa Rankin & Karen Drucker
This heart-opening, devotional music track, sung by Lissa, who is accompanied by acclaimed musician Karen Drucker, is offered as a track you might use to support this Peruvian ritual. Learn to sing this song, teach it to others who might participate in the ritual with you, or just listen to it while you’re doing your own ritual.

Goddess Quest
Want to practice using all of your tools for connecting to your Inner Pilot Light all at once? This advanced practice lets you play with using spiritual guidance in a way that is fun, risk-free, playful, and great to practice with kids!

The Pitfalls To Avoid When Consulting Psychics
Those who have a hard time receiving inner guidance often seek it from professional or amateur psychics, intuitives, and empath. But how can you know if the guidance you receive is accurate? The tools in this module will help you avoid common mistakes people make, which can steer you off your true path, when you choose to seek guidance from the Inner Pilot Lights of other people.

One of the most important tracks in this program, this module helps you know whether the guidance you think you might be receiving is trustworthy, how to tell if your ego parts are disguising themselves as your Inner Pilot Light, the pitfalls to watch out for, how to cultivate wisdom as you seek guidance, and the simple discernment questions you’ll want to ask yourself to make sure your guidance is not misleading you into foolish or even psychologically destabilizing territory.

POETRY: The Invitation
Meant to inspire you and give you a map of how this journey to living an Inner Pilot Light-led life might unfold, Lissa reads Dorothy Hunt’s poem “The Invitation,” which was deepened into a Sounds True book Ending The Search. Don’t be frightened by this track. The Inner Pilot Light-led spiritual path is a beautiful journey, one worth the obstacles you’re sure to encounter.

An Inner Pilot Light Creation Story
Where did humans come from? Why are we here? What is the meaning of life? Can we get this human thing wrong? If Earth School is a game we’re invited to play, what are the rules? This creation story, written and narrated by Lissa, is a chapter that got cut from her book The Daily Flame. Consider it something to ponder, something to challenge, something to filter through your own Inner Pilot Light. Ask yourself, “What’s true and not true about this story? Do I agree with it or not? Does it resonate with me or not?” Don’t give your power away to Lissa. Let your Inner Pilot Light sense what the meaning of life is for YOUR unique essence.

What Is The Investment?


With 29 robust original offerings from Lissa that you can’t get anywhere else, this program offers more content than Lissa’s usual $297 teleclass programs and as much as her $1997 programs. However, because she believes that the fundamental teachings and practices of how to connect with your Inner Pilot Light are essential, health-inducing, life-saving, purpose-generating, community-building, and global peace-making medicine, for a short time, she is offering this program FREE for those who buy a minimum of 3 copies of The Daily Flame book.

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Lissa Rankin, MD, New York Times bestselling author of The Daily Flame, Mind Over Medicine, The Fear Cure, and The Anatomy of a Calling is a physician, speaker, founder of the Whole Health Medicine Institute, creator of The Daily Flame, and mystic. Passionate about what makes people optimally healthy and what predisposes them to illness, she discovered that connecting with your “Inner Pilot Light” is not only essential to optimal health, making your body ripe for miracles. It’s also the golden ticket to finding and fulfilling your calling, nurturing healthy relationships, being a loving, responsible, ethical Soul Tribe member, downloading creative new ideas from the muse, and restoring peace on earth. Bridging between seemingly disparate worlds, Lissa is a connector, collaborator, curator, and amplifier, broadcasting not only her unique visionary ideas, but also those of cutting edge visionaries she discerns and trusts, especially in the field of her latest research into “Sacred Medicine.” In 2012, Lissa founded the Whole Health Medicine Institute, where she and a team of luminary faculty like Deepak Chopra, Rachel Naomi Remen, Bernie Siegel, and Joan Borysenko train physicians and other health care providers about “Whole Health” and the “6 Steps to Healing Yourself.” Lissa has starred in two National Public Television specials, her TEDx talks have been viewed over 4 million times, and she leads workshops, both online and at retreat centers like Esalen, 1440, Omega, and Kripalu.