The Daily Flame: Listening to the Voice of Our Inner Wisdom

An Evening Lecture & Book Signing
March 29, 2019
New York, NY

Co-hosted by Sounds True

Each of us is born with an inextinguishable light of divinity that Lissa Rankin, MD calls your “Inner Pilot Light.” Although this light never goes out, life’s inevitable traumas can film over this inner radiance, crowding our minds with clutter and making it difficult to hear, recognize, interpret, and discern the spiritual guidance that arises from our Divine essence that animates all beings. In this evening event, Dr. Rankin will share love letters/spiritual practices from her new book, The Daily Flame: 365 Love Letters From Your Inner Pilot Light, which takes you on a journey towards deeper connection with this infinite source of healing, wisdom, courage, truth, guidance, and non-dual awareness.

The Fear Cure: Cultivating Courage As Medicine For The Body, Mind & Soul

A One-Day Workshop
Saturday, March 30, 2019
New York Open Center

Co-hosted by Sounds True

In this day-long workshop, Lissa Rankin, MD will guide you through practices designed to help you create the right relationship with fear and uncertainty. Imagine if connecting with your inner divinity or guidance helped you experience uncertainty, not as something to fear, but as a gateway to possibility. What if you felt guided and supported when navigating loss or disappointment as an opportunity for soul growth? What if you came to see that the universe as always conspiring to support you? When you perceive the world in this way, courage arises naturally and “spontaneous remission” from illness or trauma becomes possible, making the body, mind and spirit ripe for miracles.