What The Experts Are Saying

“As you read from this beautifully written book, each day you will be inspired and transformed. These are love letters from your essential, undamaged goodness to the burdened parts of you that struggle in their myriad ways to keep you safe, or that have been hurt. These letters become daily reminders of who you really are and how much love and compassion is in you and flows through you.”

RICHARD SCHWARTZ, PHD—author and founder of Internal Family Systems (IFS)

“Wow, what an amazing book! I view it as my guide to reconnect with what is real, honest, and most needed (and often most neglected)—that deep, loving part of myself who is courageous, loving, and fierce. If you are feeling lost, overwhelmed, or self-critical, The Daily Flame will give you the tools to breathe, relax, and fall back in love with yourself and your life.”

JJ VIRGIN, CNS, CHFS—four-time New York Times bestselling author of The Virgin Diet and JJ Virgin’s Sugar Impact Diet

“If you’re feeling directionless or just need support for your journey, Dr. Lissa Rankin is your ideal guide. This book can help you practically, emotionally, and soulfully.”

CHRIS GUILLEBEAU—author of Side Hustle and host of the daily podcast Side Hustle School

The Daily Flame is a potent, profound, magical, and at times hilarious blast of Divine Remembrance that is desperately needed on this planet and in our hearts. Thank you, Lissa, for helping us stoke our inner flame one day and one heartbeat at a time. Brava!”

SERA BEAK—bestselling author of Red Hot and Holy: A Heretic’s Love Story and Redvelations: A Soul’s Journey to Becoming Human

The Daily Flame features user-friendly love letters from our core Divinity—our Inner Pilot Light—to our everyday selves. The tone is warm, affectionately down-to-earth, and often playful, again and again inviting us to deepen our access to the heartland of our Divinity no matter what our condition may be. Each love letter is compassionately presented and offers us a support that we may have assumed was just not there. Considering them can be a breeze, a light-hearted dance, and it also can be a challenge. Sometimes what’s offered is a tasty hors d’oeuvre—other times a substantial meal, something to really bite into—but at all times there’s a sense of a feast close at hand.”

ROBERT AUGUSTUS MASTERS, PHD—author of Spiritual Bypassing, Transformation through Intimacy, and Bringing Your Shadow Out of the Dark

“Ah, these love letters from the soul! Imagine being exquisitely courted by your own inner flame for an entire year. The Daily Flame offers 365 days of inspiration, coaching, and lyrical prose to gently guide you back to merging with your wise, intuitive inner Divine fire.”

HEATHER ASH ARAMA—author of Awaken Your Inner Fire and Warrior Goddess Training

“When the beneficent Universe is writing me love notes, I’m listening. Thank you, Dr. Lissa, for ushering the sweet offering of these letters through to all of us.”

ELENA BROWER—author of Practice You and Art of Attention

“Lissa Rankin is an exceptional example of inspiration, wisdom, integrity, and heart; and her new book, The Daily Flame, is filled with all of these things and more. Honest and illuminating, these 365 love letters from ‘the part of us that always knows’ are a source of connection, comfort, and awakening for those who long to feel closer to their own soul. I’m grateful for Lissa’s continued influence in my own life and work, and I sincerely believe the world is much better off because of her presence and work in it. Read these offerings and please find out for yourself.”

CHRIS GROSSO—author of Indie Spiritualist, Everything Mind, and Dead Set on Living

“Lissa’s new book gently, deliciously, and powerfully confronts one of the major challenges along the spiritual path: the difficulty many of us have of taking in teachings and practicing spiritually on a frequent and regular basis. Her Inner Pilot Light’s love letters to all of us are so sweet, passionate, and tender; so sincere, unconditionally loving, and well-meaning that I’ve found myself touching in on them often. Flowing with nondual wisdom and love, her book is a read that keeps on giving—a must-have for everyone on a spiritual Path—in fact, for everyone.”

ASHA CLINTON, MSW, PHD—developer of Advanced Integrative Therapy (AIT)

“Pick up this book whenever you doubt that the flame of light and love burns eternally within you. You’ll find short, ecstatic messages that will caress you with love and inspire you to transcend any temporary setbacks and limitations. Lissa Rankin shares how during difficult times in her life journey, she had to surround herself with a ‘faith bubble’ to protect herself from the naysayers—both those in her environment and those in her mind. This book is your daily bubble to keep your faith intact. Equal parts wisdom, laughter, and passion, it will attune you to your own guidance while opening the gates through which synchronicity, awe, and gratitude can flood your life.”

DAWSON CHURCH, PHD—author of Mind to Matter: The Astonishing Science of How Your Brain Creates Material Reality

The Daily Flame is superfood for our innermost self: Intimate. Gracious. Penetrating. Lissa’s reassuring mastery of this inner realm encourages us to dive fully into what truly matters to us. It’s never too late for this kind of profound intimacy.”

DR. SAIDA DÉSILETS—author of Desire and advocate for Sexual Sovereignty

“If you desire relief from doubt and struggle, these daily love letters are your medicine. Lissa gently guides you to reconnecting to the part of you that you can trust 100 percent. Each day you will get closer to clarity, truth, and inspiration. The words in this book will touch a place deep inside that knows the Truth, and you will be ignited to live from love rather than fear.”

CHRISTINE HASSLER—author of Expectation Hangover, master coach, and podcast host

“Lissa’s teachings on the Inner Pilot Light help us get in touch with the unharmed, whole, and holy space within us. Most of us don’t know what we think or feel or even who we are, and as many tools as there are to teach us, our truths can often remain elusive! With this body of work, practiced by hundreds of thousands worldwide, Lissa shares her essential wisdom with us. Immediately applicable and essential access to our inner wisdom.”

SHILOH SOPHIA—artist, poet, teacher

“This inspired collection of self-love letters beckons us toward the beauty, courage, and creativity of who we really are. Speaking to both the depth of our consciousness and to our wild dancing souls on planet Earth, these daily morsels are playful and profound, deeply sacred and delightfully spicy, totally human and totally divine. Delicious! The Daily Flame serves up real soul nourishment, healing, and transformational wisdom from someone who walks her talk with courage, creativity, and alignment with the flow of life. Savor every bite and follow the guidance of your Inner Pilot Light—your world will be transformed.”

MAJA APOLONIA RODÉ, PHD—philosopher, artist, and advocate for a more beautiful world

“Lissa has a witty and emotionally observant writing style that is absolutely unique. Dive in and enjoy her heartfelt messages!” -Tosha Silver, Author of Outrageous Openness and Change Me Prayers

TOSHA SILVER, Author of Outrageous Openness and Change Me Prayers

“Lissa’s book reveals the potential we all have when we quiet our minds and do not extinguish our pilot light. I hear voices and have met their source, my inner light or guide, his name is George and he is a Rabbi who has been seen standing beside me as i speak and lecture. If you want to light your way and find your path learn from Lissa’s experience and inner wisdom.”

BERNIE SIEGEL, MD—author of 365 Prescriptions For The soul and A Book of Miracles

“If you’re wondering how to start following your intuition, Lissa’s incredible new book will be your guiding hand, reminding you every day how to tune in to your instincts and reconnect to your purpose and joy.”

KELLY TURNER, PHD—New York Times bestselling author of “Radical Remission

Words have power when they are infused with the intent to change people and change the world by opening up to love and to the potential that resides within the heart of humanity. Lissa Rankin is a word smith. She is the healing light whisperer!

DEBBIE ROSAS—Founder Nia Technique, Inc.


Library Journal

Founder of the Whole Health Medicine Institute, physician Rankin (Mind Over Medicine) unites healing and spirituality in letters from one’s “inner pilot light” (that original spark of the divine) that serve to encourage, inspire, and soothe. The daily messages of unconditional love emphasize that readers are worthy of such and can find hope in surrendering to “Divine Will.” The pilot light puts readers in touch with spiritual parts of themselves, and by connecting with these aspects, they will find the strength to endure and thrive in the midst of misfortune or tragedy. 

VERDICT Rankin’s unique offering will be appreciated by anyone open to enhancing their spirituality.

What The Daily Flame Readers Are Saying

“I am so surprised about how you almost every day give me a message that I really need to hear. Sometimes tears are streaming, because you see me through and through. Other times a smile lit my face. I am grateful from the bottom of my heart. Your messages are so accurate and they are really transformational, because it feels and I can realize that it is Me talking to me..”


“I just wanted to thank you for taking the time to write your beautiful messages and for helping so many people to feel better about their lives. Your kind words have helped me on many dark days when I didn’t feel like I could find my way back to myself. You are a beautiful and generous soul.”


Thank you. Perfect message at perfect time for all on the planet. Much love and gratitude.


“Good morning:  I just love getting these emails all the time!  They make be laugh, cry and think a lot. So appreciate them. Thank you so much for creating these!!”


“I am deeply grateful for every daily flame. Receiving these messages every day results in my getting more and more open for the love which is the basis of my existence. Thank you.”


“I cannot tell you the number of times that I’ve opened this email and it was like it was written specifically to me. What a lovely way to put into words where I am in my life right now.

So grateful to have these words to take me through the day. It’s what a needed like a spiritual supplement!!!”