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Founder of the Whole Health Medicine Institute, physician Rankin (Mind Over Medicine) unites healing and spirituality in letters from one’s “inner pilot light” (that original spark of the divine) that serve to encourage, inspire, and soothe. The daily messages of unconditional love emphasize that readers are worthy of such and can find hope in surrendering to “Divine Will.” The pilot light puts readers in touch with spiritual parts of themselves, and by connecting with these aspects, they will find the strength to endure and thrive in the midst of misfortune or tragedy. 

VERDICT Rankin’s unique offering will be appreciated by anyone open to enhancing their spirituality.

This Simple Meditation Will Help You Get in Touch with Your True Self–November 2018

New York Times bestselling author Lissa Rankin’s forthcoming book features daily letters to help you tap into what she calls “your inner pilot light”—your natural guiding intuition and wisdom. Here’s one to get you started.

Every life begins when a small spark of the eternal flame of cosmic consciousness splits off like a glowing ember of a universal bonfire. This unique spark ignites as the organizing intelligence that creates your organs, divides your cells, and develops you perfectly into a precious being decorated with thoughts, preferences, gifts, talents, emotions, and eccentricities.

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